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Automatic Liquid Bottle Filling Machine

Grab The Finest Automatic Liquid Bottle Filling Machine

Liquid filling machines are capable of packing liquids in various containers at a faster pace and that too with minimal wastage. These fillers are an quintessential equipment for industries that need to pack liquids in different sizes and shapes of container such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food & beverages. Bipin Pharma Equipment, the premier manufacturer in India features an array of automatic liquid bottle filling machines with a maximum output of 2000 to 4500 products per hour.

Our innovative Liquid Bottle Filling Machine can be used for packing a wide range of liquids with perfection. The fill size can be anywhere from as little as 5ml to as much as 1000ml, offering consistent results within a limited period of time. In addition to fill accuracy, the machines are backed by a slat conveyor having adjustable height of 860 mm to 910 mm for safe and seamless operation.

Manufacture and Design of Liquid Bottle Filling Machine
What are the specifications?

• Complete Stainless Steel (SS) GMP Model

• SS 304/316 Contact Parts With Removal System

• Conveyor Belt Made From SS 304

• Self-Lubricating SS Slat Conveyor Chain

How is the design?

• The machine holds a rigid vibration free construction for maximum performance and hassle-free operation.

• The external body has an elegant matt SS 304/316 finish.

• The SS conveyor slat with UHMW-PE profile ensure smooth, noiseless and low friction wear surface.

• The different parts are crafted from SS 360 along with the option to remove for sterilization, cleaning and autoclaving.

What are the features?

• Easy to control and automatic sensor & speed system to count the number of bottles and then fill them efficiently.

• In-built A.C with a variable frequency drive system for minimum change over time between multiple bottles.

• Bottle stopper equipped with a twin pneumatic holder, to hold the bottles when they are being filled as to avoid spillage.

• For reducing the possibility of foaming, an adjustable nozzle tends to reciprocate according to the desired volume of filling.

• Dosage block fitted with a hexagonal block beneath synergies that aids in easier filling of bottles.

• Safety guard is present for protection of motor, pneumatic cylinders and the conveyor gear box.

What are the optional accessories?

• Float Tank

• Acrylic Cabinet

• Nitrogen Flushing

• Automatic Chain Washing System For Conveyor Belt