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Multi Column Distillation Plant

Multi Column Distillation Plant: Best Graded Available At Bipin Pharma Equipment

The distillation plant has several columns where the process of distillation goes on. The machines from Bipin Pharma Equipment use the Finn-Aqua design.

In our Multi Column Distillation Plant, principles of interstage heat exchange are used. These are interstage principles (multi effect distillation) to produce pure distilled water that is free from the presence of any pyrogen. The water thus obtained is distilled to such purity standards as have been prescribed by the IP/BP to be used as injectables.

Features of Multi Column Distillation Plant

• The distillation plant with multi-columns is particularly compact and is easily maintained. The compact nature also helps in saving space.

• The unit saves energy as the requirement of heat for purification is low. Consequently, the requirement of cooling water is low as well. It is estimated that it saves roughly 75% energy as compared to other traditional methods of water purification.

• It has a specially designed spiral baffle that is unique to this unit. It plays a vital role in purifying water.

• Maintenance cost is very low. There are no moving parts and hence regular maintenance is not required. Furthermore, the compact nature of the setup makes it easy to be maintained.

• There is a compact control panel board that helps control the functioning of the plant.

• Hygiene is maintained at a constant level by the usage of AISI 316 quality stainless steel.

• The water produced is as per the IP/BP standards.

The vapours of water are made to go over a specially designed spiral baffle. These vapours of water are made to pass the baffle at great speed, producing tremendous amount of centrifugal force, hence eliminating any possibility of pathogens being present in it.

Specifications of the Multi column distillation plant

• Owing to our Multi Effect Distillation Method, a large amount of energy, approximately 75% of it, is saved.

• The energy saving is striking when Multi Column Distillation Plant is compared to traditional methods of purification and distillation.

• The parts coming in direct contact with the water to be distilled is made out of AISI 316 quality stainless steel and is mirror polished.

• The pipes and tubes used are seamless and the setup is duly painted and mounted on a sturdy stand.

These measures are important as they ensure the quality and purity of water is not compromised. To know more in detail about the distillation plant, you may talk to us.