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Tray Dryers: Best Quality @Bipin Pharma Equipment

Tray dryers are quite useful in removing moisture or excess liquid from massive amount of solid materials, parts, powders or even continuous sheets through the process of sublimation or evaporation. Direct dryers are useful in heating up a product with the direct aid of heated air or even combusted gas products. We, at Bipin Pharma Equipment, manufacture high quality tray dryers.

Use Of Tray Dryer In The Industry

The configuration of our tray dryer allows it to be used in a conventional manner to get the best drying results.

• It has double walled cabinets with double or single doors. The gap which exists between the walls is filled in with fibre glass which has a high density along with insulating material which traps the heat on the inside.

• There are stainless steel trays which are placed in the moveable trolleys.

• The control panel board which comes with the tray dryer helps in controlling the different setting for the machine.

• The other parts include process timer, indicator for the digital controller, et cetera.

• The available capacities of tray dryers are six, twelve, twenty-four, forty eight, ninety six and one-ninety two trays.

Our designers and manufacturers at Bipin Pharma Equipment understands that one of the most popular methods that are used in preparing medicinal tablets is the method of wet granulation. Some of the steps that you can apply by using the tray dryers are:

• Weighing

• Wet massing

• Mixing

• Drying

• Screening of damp mass

• Compression

• Lubrication

The tray dryer of our company are used in dye industries, chemical industries, food product industries and many because of the pros it possesses. The transfer of heat occurs through the hot air circulation emitted by electric heaters or from the radiator coils, the blower fans that are installed inside the machines help in ensuring that there is a proper amount of circulation and transfer of the heat.

We analyse the use of the tray dryer before manufacturing it. That’s because they are made in a customizable format to help each and every company that looks for it. If you are confused and want to get your doubts cleared from our professionals, you may call us to know more about our quality tray dryers. All you have to do is, go to contact us page, and dial the contact number listed.