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Octagonal Blender

Understanding The Mechanics Of Octagonal Blender: Available @Bipin Pharma Equipment

Industries that often tend to process massive amount of materials tend to go for octagonal blenders. Our company, Bipin Pharma Equipment, manufactures octagonal blender. There are many benefits of choosing this kind of blender. It tends to take up a lot less space. The amount of power consumption also tends to be way less. Hence, we claim to produce the best quality octagonal blender.

It is mostly the pharmaceutical companies who tend to choose octagonal blender over the other types of blender. Since this industry requires quite a gentle blending up of all the dry powder granules therefore, this is the most suitable option.

Features of octagonal blender

• It consists of a slow speed blender along with baffles that are removable in nature, which makes it easier to be cleaned in a proper manner.

• It has in-built feature of bin charging system which can also alter the vacuum charging.

• The unique feature of dust free charging system also exists in these blenders which is mostly useful for discharging and charging of the powder granules.

Specifications Of An Octagonal Blender

When it comes to our octagonal blenders, they tend to have a shell amalgamated along with the conical shaped octagonal ends.

• We made the design to help the machine stay in a sturdy shape which not only adds up to its durability but also its longevity.

• The shaft that is located on the right hand side of the octagonal blender is actually connected to the primary gearbox with the aid of sprockets and chains. These bits and parts are connected to the main electrical motor which helps power up the blender.

• The large amount of materials which are supposed to be mixed inside the machine is either charged with the help of the vacuum charging system or the bin charging system.

• The process of blending is then started off without any hindrance.

After the mixing process is over, the machine is brought to a stop, where the end product is then transferred to the containers through the butterfly shaped valve.

Our octagonal blenders can be used for mixing the dry powder granules in order to form capsules and tablets. The easy handling of massive amount of materials quite seamlessly is one of the reasons why these kinds of blenders are quite popular in the industry.

To get more details on the functioning of octagonal blender, you may contact us at Bipin Pharma Equipment.