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Multi Mill

Multi MillAt Bipin Pharma Equipment: Designed For Controlled And Precise Size Reduction

Precisely engineered devices that contain premium quality materials are manufactured by us at Bipin Pharma Equipment Company.

Multi Mill is a self-contained unit that can granulate at high speed, mix, pulverise, shred and chop different kinds of dry and wet materials without any kind of special attachments. It does not use the standard size reduction principles such as, compression, grinding, shearing and impact. The reason is that they might not always produce a controlled reduction of the size. The blades on the multi mills that are swing hammers within a screened area provide more control of the size reduction.

Features of the Multi Mill

Different varieties of mills are manufactured by us under the supervision of skilled experts and have helped us fall under the category of the best Indian multi mill manufacturing company. There are certain features that set us apart from other manufacturers:

• Ease in dismantling and cleaning of all the contact parts

• Easy Mobility of the device

• Functions on the Variable force principle.

• The container below a processing chamber collects all the materials that have been processed.

• It is extremely suitable for both wet and dry granules

We manufacture different kinds of pharmaceutical oriented devices keeping in mind the international standards in order to cater to a global market along with domestic markets.

Product Specification and Operating Principle

• The machines are built using stainless steel of the best quality

• Three factors that manipulate the quality and output of the product are the speed, screen and the shape of the impact edges or beaters.

• The materials pass through a screen both tangentially and radically as it moves through a processing chamber.

• It has four rollers which help in easy mobility of the device whenever the requirement arises.

The machines that are manufactured have the facility of upgradation according to client requirement. You can find different kinds of sizes available for the machine and almost all of them have reasonable and affordable prices.

Only the best and authorized suppliers’ providers are approached when it comes to acquiring the highest-grade and premium quality raw materials for manufacturing the machine. We also manufacture Flame Proof electrical device according to the demand of the client which would amount to certain additional cost. The Machine is engineered in a way so that it can withstand continuous operation

For more information, contact us at Bipin Pharma Equipment and our professionals will be happy to serve you!